• Let's get you started on Startupshirts:


    45$/month & 15% service charge

    Everything from Pro, Pro+, and:

    • Immediate Support

    • Bi-Monthly swag consultation

    • Bin-Monthy giveaways

    • Up to 8 campaigns (Coupon Codes)

    • Hosting and custom placement of shirts

    • Handwritten notes thanking fans for their support


    30$/month & 18% service charge

    Everything from Pro and:

    • Priority Support

    • Quarterly swag consultation

    • Quarterly giveaway

    • Up to 4 campaigns (Coupon Codes)

    • Hosting and strategic placement of shirts

    • Email thanking fans for their support


    20$/month & 20% service charge


    • A more creative use of swag

    • Find fans that will rep your swag

    • Measurable results on swag spend

    • Exposure to worldwide audience

    • Bi-annual swag consultation

    • One campaign (Coupon Code)

    • Hosting and placement of shirt

  • Selling FAQs

    How do I start selling?

    Get in contact with us at shirts@startupshirts.org and we'll get you set up right away.

    Who handles logistics?

    We handle logistics, operations, warehousing, and a portion of marketing to our customers and subscribers.

    How quickly do shirts sell?

    Depends on the popularity of the shirt, but what will help sell faster is if you point your users to the site. The more people that see the listing the faster the shirt gets sold and you get paid.

    Can we do multiple coupon codes to track campaigns?

    Absolutely! We can support up to

    Can I sell shirts if I'm not US based?

    Absolutely! Get in touch with us at shirts@startupshirts.org and we will get you set up right away.